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Hi, I'm Alfredo Matos, a research engineer, programmer and entrepreneur from Portugal. This is my old (and closed) blog. It exists only as an archive. For more information head over to or follow me on twitter.

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24 August
Posted in Productivity

Planning without action

There is no meaning to planning without doing. Without action, planning is moot. Planning is not an end in itself, but a means towards action. Action is the ultimate end. Action is what validates/negates the plan. Without action a plan is never right or wrong, it just exists. We resort [...]

5 July
Posted in Productivity

My Mac GTD System

GTD implementations are far from single-app static systems. As I struggle to fine-tune my GTD focused methodology, my tools and processes keep evolving along with my ninja skills. In the last couple of years I’ve been taming my Mac based system, resulting in a three-fold workflow:  Project and task keeping [...]

1 July
Posted in Work

Challenging the Scientific Community

Lately I’ve been thinking about what communities are, and what roles do they play in our lives. Through a community we can share, interact, help, evolve and engage. These are just a few of the major roles the community plays in scientific research. However, the research community is failing. It’s failing [...]

21 April
Posted in Productivity

Making space for new ideas

Ideas are the key drivers of knowledge work. In research or business, we need ideas to thrive, explore and tap into unforeseen wealth, financial or scientific. But, with all the interruptions around us, with all the triggers and creative outbreaks, we can barely afford the time to have ideas, or [...]

2 April
Posted in Productivity

Getting offline to be productive

In our connected life we’ve opened so many direct streams to our space that it feels we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. A couple of years ago someone would have to to call to get a hold of you. Now you can be reached through twitter, mail, MSN, [...]

20 March
Posted in Privacy

Google Analytics Privacy

I’ve recently engaged in a privacy discussion about Google Analytics (GA). Coincidentally it also popped up on TechCruch, after an announcement from Google that they’re releasing a GA blocking addon that allows users to opt-out of being tracked. But the question still stands: Is GA a privacy violation or not?

5 January
Posted in My World

A new day, a social year

With the new decade upon us, it’s time for new year resolutions, and more importantly, a renewed call to action. With no posts in 2009, the crisis year, it was a dark time for my digital content output. But, after losing the fight against webdesign, I took the high road [...]

10 December
Posted in Code, Linux, Ubuntu

Chroots 0.2 – First Public release

Chroots is a collection of bash scripts to create, maintain, manage and use several chroot environments on debian based systems. It sports such features as privilege drop, multiple chroot maintenance and caching. This is the first public release, under GPLv3. The software is now in a state where I can [...]

3 November
Posted in Linux

GLUA Tech Sessions

I was a part of GLUA, my university’s Linux User Group, for many years. But, I must confess that I’ve never been this excited about an event organised by the group like I am for this one. Not even when I was organising them. GLUA Tech Sessions promises to be [...]

31 October
Posted in Linux, Ubuntu

ffmpeg with xvid, h264 and libfaac on Ubuntu Intrepid

I haven’t blogged for a while now, guess I need a new redesigned template, which seems to boost my blogging ability. But here is a simple and short guide to build ffmpeg with the appropriate codecs to encode stuff for the PSP or iPod. These codecs aren’t enabled by default [...]

About Me

Hi, I'm Alfredo Matos. I'm a research engineer from Portugal, with a passion for inventing new things and working on future technologies. I'm also a programmer and entrepreneur. For more information check out my main website